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Cerco forum gratis e sicuro di world of warcraft in italiano ?

marzo 23, 2010

Sto cercando un forum italiano di world of warcraft in italiano e completamente sicuro ? Grazie in anticipo.

Macignu 2 – la vendetta (lv70 pvp world of warcraft)

marzo 22, 2010

ascoltate e divertitevi con la vendetta di macignu!!! tra le frasi salienti: nonono t’ammazzo! trovate il mana trovate il manaaaaa è mortooooo dovete morireeeeeeeee stronzi di merda!!! nono basta basta! io non posso rovinarmi la vita così! siete veramente delle persone di merda! non è possibile che io mi impegno tanto e gli altri non si impegnano,io non lo sopporto nella vita! se vi avessi sottomano con le mie mani giganti vi stritolerei la testa! giuro martedì sera ti chicco da tutti e 2 i team Commentate e votate!!! Nota: io non gioco a wow,e non conosco macignu.. ho solo trovato questo file audio sul web e l’ho pubblicato

Thought About Becoming a World of Warcraft Millionaire:Its Easier Than You Think!

marzo 22, 2010

Anyone who is into the gaming world has heard of the amazing game called:World of Warcraft. Even if you are not a member of the gaming community this game is so popular you must have heard of it and it’s characters. World of Warcraft is an online role-playing experience set in the award-winning Warcraft universe. Players can then assume the roles of Warcraft heroes as they explore, adventure, and quest across a vast world. World of Warcraft is a virtual world that combines the elements of mythical creatures, a totally real economy, and a great sense of purpose for your in-game character that for most people rivals their real life experience.

World of Warcraft takes place within the world of Azeroth, four years after the events at the conclusion of Blizzard’s previous release, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. The game was released on November 23, 2004.

The game World of Warcraft is so compelling that some people play 24 hours in one session. Players become so mesmerised with the game and it’s characters that they just keep going, and can spend an entire day inside its mystical world.World of Warcraft is ‘warcraft’ the point of the game isn’t to have another life it is to quest and to pursue the war between Horde and Alliance.It would please most gamers to know if they have never played World of Warcraft that it is loaded with things to do, many places to see, monsters to kill, and quests, quests, and more quests to solve.

World of Warcraft is an online game that has thousands of players, so naturally the game is built to facilitate and or bring about extensive in-game socializing. You can easily search for players by using key words, looking for those in your same zone or with certain names.World of Warcraft is an ever-changing game where something new is always being added, tweaked, and or changed around. It also is an constant-changing game which comes with updates every single week. World of warcraft is the number one pc online game for the past three years. If you did know the facts and what blizz actually put into it you wouldn’t be saying there milked dry.

Actually, the main goal of World of Warcraft is the undertaking of quests and interacting with the other characters (human and non human). In order to buy items, services and other goods the player needs virtual gold, the currency of the Wold of Warcraft world.

Gold is something that all World of Warcraft players are constantly in pursuit of. Many World of Warcraft players spend all of their time trying to earn gold when they are at lower levels.As your character level increases, you will quickly find that no matter how much time you spend earning World of Warcraft gold, you can always seem to spend it in the blink of an eye.

In order to earn more gold in World of Warcraft you will want to increase the amount of bags that you carry. This will allow you to loot more of the corpses that you kill and sell that loot for money. It is also recommended to get a primary profession that can produce goods that can be sold at high profit margins.

World of Warcraft is quickly becoming one of the most popular games on the internet, and with its excellent graphics, great choice of character design and tons of exciting missions, it is no wonder that World of Warcraft has such a huge international following. If you have not played this game as of yet it is highly recommended. You too will soon get caught up like the rest of us World of Warcraft lovers.

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How to Find News on World of Warcraft and the World of Warcraft Vault

marzo 22, 2010

There are good sites to look for World of Warcraft information and there are bad sites to look for World of Warcraft information. Most of the really good sites to find information about World of Warcraft though are the Blizzard endorsed sites like the World of Warcraft Vault, and the Allakhazam World of Warcraft site.

To do find the World of Warcraft Vault you can either do a search for the site, or you could enter the email address into the address bar and go where it leads you. If you want to go straight to the World of Warcraft Vault website their URL is,

This will take you straight to their home page. Here you will find news and information on World of Warcraft and the World of Warcraft Vault. You will also find that there are many interesting links which you can explore to find the information you’re looking for about World of Warcraft.

After a little bit of looking around you will find that there are such things as World of Warcraft Vault game guides, which include information about the many dungeons, instances and quests. You will also come across such World maps to help you find your way through the lands of Warcraft.

These World of Warcraft Vault maps include Zone Maps and Instance Maps, along with Locations maps. When you go further into these you will have the ability to search through the many cities, regions and even according to trainers and city buildings and such.

You have the option of going through a talent calculator, and the many community databases. You will also find in the World of Warcraft Vault, archives on just about anything and everything about the World of Warcraft.

If you’re a newbie, or have only recently found out about World of Warcraft, you will find that there is more than enough information to keep you going and to help you figure out (sort of) what World of Warcraft is like.

Of course to fully do this you will need to play the game, but going through the World of Warcraft Vault archives and information will at least give you a passing acquaintance with everything that is World of Warcraft.

There are also links to other games similar to World of Warcraft, in the World of Warcraft Vault Network. And if all of this isn’t enough for you, the World of Warcraft Vault also has what are considered to some of the very best forums on just about any World of Warcraft topic that you can think of.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for you can even post your own question in the World of Warcraft Vault forums, but to do this you will need to be a member of the World of Warcraft Vault or rather of

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Derek's Gold Mastery Guide-one of the Latest World of Warcraft Gold Guides

marzo 22, 2010

Derek’s Gold Mastery Guide, is one of the latest World of Warcraft Gold Guides to become available recently. This guide states that it can help any WoW player at any level farm close to if not more than 150 gold an hour in World of Warcraft. While this statement does appear to be unbelieveable, the Warcraft Riches guide does an excellent job of providing step-by-step ways to farm plenty of World of Warcraft gold. Many other World of Warcraft Gold Guides

would do well to take notes on how the Warcraft Riches guide illustrates the art of World of Warcraft gold making into no risk and easy to follow steps.

The author of the Warcraft Riches guide is Derek, hence why it is sometimes called Derek´s Gold Mastery Guide. Derek has been playing World of Warcraft since the beginning and has learned the best ways to farm gold in Wow. Many of these secret tips he picked up by watching the online World of Warcraft gold famers who inhabit the World of Warcraft servers. These World of Warcraft gold farmers are very efficient in collecting gold. They then create websites and sell the gold they farmed to other World of Warcraft players for a price. For many of these gold makers, this is their real job. By watching these World of Warcraft gold farmers operate, Derek was able to learn valuable tips on how to

quickly farm large amounts of gold in World of Warcraft.Derek’s Gold Mastery guide is broken up into many smaller sections. This allows the reader to choose which method they want to make use of to farm obscene amounts of gold in World of Warcraft. One of the sections is the World of Warcraft Guide to Leveling Professions. This guide goes through each World of Warcraft profession

and illustrates the fastest method to level each of the profession skills. The Warcraft Riches Profession Guide also lays out how to utilize each profession to farm the most gold possible.Other guides included as part of the Warcraft Riches guide include a guide to the Auction House, a section to improve fishing,

and a General/Grinding guide. All of these guides give easy to follow

steps on how to farm the most gold possible in World of Warcraft. Some World of Warcraft Gold Making Guides only provide information on one aspect of the World of Warcraft economy. Derek’s Gold Mastery guide is the rare World of Warcraft gold farming guide that gives an abundance of information on how to farm World of Warcraft gold through many different means. Whether it´s the Auction House, Professions, or Grinding, the Warcraft Riches guide has ways to

make considerable amounts of gold through all of them. Some of the hidden tips can even be combined to really see the World of Warcraft gold farming skyrocket. When looking for a good World of Warcraft gold guide, take into

account what parts of World of Warcraft are enjoyable. If grinding is fun, then ways to farm gold via monster killing should be considered. Just because a World of Warcraft gold farming guide makes promises of 200 or more gold an hour does not mean that the manner in which the gold is farmed will be fun. Derek’s Gold Mastery guide offers many different methods of World of Warcraft

gold making so even if some of them appear boring, there are plenty of other options available to maximize your gold making efforts in World of Warcraft.

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World of Warcraft is Arguably the Most Popular Mmorpg in the Planet

marzo 21, 2010

World of Warcraft is arguably the most popular MMORPG in the planet. Of course, what else can you expect from one of the best games ever produced? Consider this: There are over 16 million MMORPG players in around the globe, 10 million of those are WoW players. That’s over 66% of the world’s online gamer population. If that doesn’t prove how awesome World of Warcraft is, then I don’t know what else can.

However, popularity can’t always be a good thing for MMORPG’s. Sure, you can be certain that you’ll always have someone to talk to whenever you go online. But then again, with so many players, it’s hard to get recognized and to reach the level of power and popularity you’ve dreamed of, especially when there’s always someone rushing off to kill the monster you’ve been hoping to kill. Add that to the fact that you have other responsibilities in the ‘real world’, and you can be doomed to n00bdom for the rest of your WoW life.

And in the world of MMORPG’s, you have to be either extremely powerful or extremely rich to be a ‘somebody’ in Azeroth. And in most cases, you have to be one in order to have the other and vice versa. Wealth precedes Power which precedes wealth, that’s just the way of the world in WoW.

Fortunately, however, there is a way to escape n00bdom, and that’s to become powerful and become rich in a matter of days. Impossible, you say? Not quite. There are people in the internet, expert WoW players, who are willing to lend you their expertise. All you need to do is to entrust your character unto them, ask for some WoW power leveling, and your character will be strong and rich in no time at all. These people know all where the best places to earn those excruciating exp points are. Indeed, they know the whole game inside out, and all you need to do when you get your character back is to mingle with the WoW elite and to pwn with your now-awesome power leveling is especially useful for people who have no time to play the game but have an extreme desire to excel both in the World of Warcraft universe and the real world.

However, if you’re one of those people who want to make their characters strong personally, even if it means thousands of hours of monotonous hacking and slashing, then maybe you’re just better off playing WoW gold. New players are sometimes doomed to just stare and drool over those places that give decent exp points. They have to make themselves content with just hacking through the weaker enemies that also give weaker exp points because they aren’t strong enough to kill those monsters that give several exp points. But, really, what is the key to strength in an MMORPG but a few awesome equips and a good build? You can have the good build if you plan carefully, but for the equips, you need some wow gold.

And with a bit of wow powerleveling and some WoW gold, you’ll be well on your way to being the best warrior in Azeroth in no time.

How to Earn Lots of Gold in World of Warcraft

marzo 21, 2010

The currency exchange works in WOW(world of warcraft), with three sets of coins, copper coins, and with a hundred copper coins it will equal one silver coin, with a hundred silver coins it will equal one gold coin. Now world of warcraft gold is what everybody needs to thrive, there is hardly any advancement without working your characters toon butt off on a WoW gold farming rampage, almost sounds like real life.

The difference from earning money in the real world and earning a living in world of warcraft is that in WOW you can bash someone’s head in and steal his money you won’t be put on charges, and in the game you chose whatever field you chose to go into. Yes in the game of world of warcraft you can pick and chose what job you’d like your avatar to specialize in and that is where a lot of the big cash comes in.

There are ten primary professions you can have alchemy, blacksmithing, enchanting, engineering, herbalism, mining, leatherworking, skinning, and tailoring. Now some of these professions go together with others such as mining and blacksmithing, you’ll need the metal the mining gives you to blacksmith with into weapons and armor.

There are three secondary professions which are first aid, cooking and fishing. You can learn all three of the secondary professions but only two of the primaries so chose wisely. You will gain lots of coin selling your special talents you pick, to others, not venders mind you, there are general prices that venders buy items off of you for, and the price the venders buy the items from you for is much lower then what you can get for them if you sell the items on your own to other players.

The more you use your profession the better you will become at it and the more specialized you will become to it. You can get so high that people will seek certain items only you and those of your level will be able to create for them, at this point you can name your price. Alternatively if you want to skip the whole having a profession thing then in my opinion you’re only other shot is questing. Taking adventure after adventure selling the spoils and keeping all the loot you find off of everyone you beat, the old fashion way. While the later might sound like a better road to travel since having a profession is just like real life, consider that fact that without that profession you might just end up a poor troll or sad Paladin in the world of WoW.

Professions and trade skills are not the only professions that can earn you cash, gold and money. You can easily farm large groups of mobs using area of effect spells or even kill high end bosses and mobs to acquire items of higher value. Using heavy tanks are often the key to killing strong single mobs while using a caster with an area of effect ability are able to kill lower level mobs but at larger quantities.

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World Of Warcraft & WC3, The trilogy_part 1 Music:Rhapsody

marzo 21, 2010

The first part Of The Trilogy. LYRIC(AFTER THE INTRO). Langue in me l’eco infranto al truce sguardo dell’angelo cieco rovina in me l’antica rima nel cuor del cigno ferito e morente… Cosmi di eternita’ tradita di verita’ svanite che ora versano lacrime d’addio in un vuoto nero… sincero e fiero al mio destino andro’… Urla il tuono al mio lamento eroico sorte… consuma la realta’! Spiriti di mondi arcani chiedo la vita al di la’ della morte per allinear le stelle amiche e diventar guardiano celeste Custode di eternita’ guarita di verita’ trovate per tutti i figli di madre terra… sempre a lei ho dato la vita… la morte… cosi’ continuero’! Urla il tuono al mio lamento eroico sorte… consuma la realta’ Now, some tags: thats the world of warcraft that you play thats the wow that you play that´s the wow that you play music raider66 wow in halo contact world of warcraft series comedy funny 300 Warcraft arthas vs versus illidam expansion history rhapsody lamento ira divina eroico that´s the world of warcraft that you play

Quanti mazzi di carte collezionabili di World Of Warcraft sono usciti sino ad ora? Ditemi anche i nomi?

marzo 21, 2010

Salve a tutti, vorrei sapere il numero e nomi dei mazzi di carte collezionabili di World Of Warcraft usciti sino ad ora!

Grazie in anticipo!

Can A World Of Warcraft Guide Actually Level Me Fast?

marzo 21, 2010

World of warcraft is an online role-playing game where you immerse yourself in the new found world for a character you create. One of the integral parts of the game requires a player to level up in order to acquire new skills, and find items which are required to complete newer quests.
But with so much importance on leveling up in order to enjoy the endgame aspects, it’s easy for players to get confused along the way which ultimately slows their progress. This is where a world of warcraft guide comes in handy.

They basically help you stay focused as your try to speed level your way to the top. The game itself is huge and the sheer number of quests a player can do is numerous. But surprisingly not all quests are worth doing, as some are more effective at leveling you faster then others, and some quests are more about rewards then anything else. So it’s easy for a player to get distracted and confused as to what to do, which in the end slows their leveling down to a crawl.

But the internet is filled with a myriad of world of warcraft guides and choosing one is almost as daunting as the game itself. Here are a few tips to consider when looking at a world of warcraft guide. 

1.Does it offer an in game map questing aid? Long gone are the days of using a pdf guide to help you level and do quests efficiently. Why because the sheer act of having to alt tab in and out of the game actually slows you down. Plus the game has evolved and now you can have map aids right within your game as you play, helping to show you where to go and what quest to do.

2.Does the world of warcraft guide cover all races and factions? After all what’s the point of getting a wow leveling guide if it’s only good for hunters and orcs. The better guides out there are designed for every race and for every faction so that you can play the characters you want to play, and not how someone else played.

3.Does it adjust to every character no matter your level? Nothing is more frustrating then buying a guide at say level 40, and finding out that it’s more of a hassle then its worth. The better guides out there can automatically tell where you are, and what should be done next.

There?s a lot more benefits and options available when considering a world of warcraft guide and this article cannot cover them all. To learn more about how to level faster and more efficiently while playing world of warcraft I highly recommend you read our reviews of world of warcraft guides for the serious gamer.